Harmonograph Pro
Harmonograph Pro
Harmonograph Pro
harmonograph blue ink drawing
Harmonograph Pro
Harmonograph Pro
Harmonograph Pro
Harmonograph Pro - RD1 Studio
Harmonograph Pro - RD1 Studio
harmonograph purple drawing
Harmonograph Pro

Harmonograph Pro

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A harmonograph is a mechanical device that utilizes pendulums to craft intricate geometric drawings, often in the shape of Lissajous curves or more complex artistic patterns.  

Harmonograph Pro, on the other hand, is a modern artistic drawing tool intricately designed to replicate the precision of 19th-century harmonographs, producing mesmerizing and continually changing designs.

Now, with an expanded canvas size of 33x48cm

Whether you prefer the traditional medium of paper or the convenience of a tablet or iPad, this versatile instrument is tailored to suit your needs.  By harnessing the power of kinetic energy, friction, and gravity, this mesmerizing drawing device operates without the need for motors, resulting in breathtaking and truly original imagery.

Ready to use in two steps.  No tools or assembly required.  Attach to a desktop, tabletop, or smooth surface and utilize it with either pen and paper or an iPad or tablet.

But that's not all! An optional specialized LED spotlight illuminates your creation with precision and doubles as a versatile lighting tool. Whether you need it for reading, as a night light, or while working, this spotlight is designed to meet all your lighting needs, adding even more functionality to your creative space.

Analog: It is devoid of apps, electricity, or artificial intelligence, relying solely on gravity and your manual input.


  • Patentable self-aligning gimbals
  • Unique LED Spotlight lens system
  • Dual ball-bearing pen rod
  • Optional specialized LED spotlight
  • On/Off Dimmer Touch Switch
  • Transformer
  • Soft-touch automatic pen retraction
  • High-quality materials - steel and aluminum
  • Each Harmonograph Pro is calibrated before shipping
  • Ready for immediate use without any assembly required
  • Clamps to a surface thickness between 1.5 in & 2.0 in/3.81 cm & 5.08 cm)
  • Ships within 1-3 business days
  • Designed and Made in California, USA


  • Starter paper - various sizes
  • Assorted Pens
  • Set-up instructions

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harmonograph clamped to table drawing shown on back wall

Simple, elegant

Adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

with or without LED light
You Choose

Sometimes, a hint of drama can enhance your artistic endeavors. You can choose the desktop with or without the added feature of LED lighting.