Penduloz Wall - RD1 Studio
Penduloz Wall - RD1 Studio
Penduloz Wall - RD1 Studio

Penduloz Wall

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The Penduloz wall version is a wall-mounted kinetic drawing device used in art studios, demo exhibits, classrooms, or homes.  This kinetic drawing machine will hypnotize you as you marvel at its beauty and ability to create hypnotic harmonograph art on the wall of your workroom, office, or lab.

The Penduloz harmonograph is unique because while you can make similar-looking designs, it is impossible to replicate them exactly - no two will be the same. The Penduloz harmonograph uses self-aligning gimbals, a specialized penholder, and a centering clutch that effortlessly centers on the drawing paper. The spring penholder lets you quickly change out colors and pens.

Use either pen and paper or an iPad to draw these fascinating creations.

    60"H(152.4 cm) X 12"D (30.4cm) X 19"W (48.26cm)
    Weight: 10 lbs

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    Simple, elegant

    The desktop Penduloz fits into any space.

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    Display your art

    You didn't think you could draw? Bring life to your room with your artwork. The Penduloz harmonograph draws infinite patterns, and no one is the same.

    with or without a light
    You Choose

    Sometiimes you need a little drama to draw. The desktop is available with or without a LED light.

    Don't take our word for it


    Yesterday morning, I received my Penduloz, thank you very much, very fast shipping, merchandise in perfect condition, everything ok. Very simple machine and very fun to use. I am happy.

    Frederico P.

    Palermo, Italy